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Venetian adj : of or relating to or characteristic of Venice or its people; "Venetian glass"; "Venetian canals" n : a resident of Venice

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From noun Venice, from Latin Venetia + adjective suffix -an.



  1. Of, from, or relating to Venice.


relating to Venice
  • Dutch: Venetiaans, Venetiaanse
  • Finnish: venetsialainen
  • French: vénitien, vénitienne
  • German: venezianisch
  • Greek: βενετσιάνικος, ενετικός
  • Italian: veneziano, veneziana
  • Venetian:


  1. An inhabitant or a resident of Venice and the region of Venezia.


inhabitant of Venice
  • Dutch: Venetiaan, Venetiaanse
  • Finnish: venetsialainen
  • French: vénitien, vénitienne
  • Greek: Βενετσιάνος
  • Italian: veneziano, veneziana

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